Hi. Glad you’re here.

I’m a freelance copywriter, editor & online marketing consultant living in Los Angeles.

I’ve been Online Marketing Director, Creative Director, Editorial Director, Managing Editor and Copywriter in my recent corporate past. I’ve done strategy and implementation for SEO, PPC, and Social Media campaigns. I’ve done landing page and other website optimization, created content for blogs and email newsletters, managed ecommerce websites, promotional email and online ad campaigns, and done all kinds of print work: print ads, magazines, newsletters, user guides, annual reports, collateral and more. No matter the medium, I have a passion for the creative process and a strong desire to produce real results.

I have 2 active blogs right now.

Marketing Goodness is my blog devoted to my passion for all things marketing: Writing. Creative. Search. Social. UX. Design. Brand. Marketing Strategy. Consumer Psychology. All the stuff that makes people click or buy.

Deadpan News is a fun diversion for me: it’s a satirical news site. I take the news and then make stuff up around it. If there wasn’t already one, I might call it the Onion. If I were Google, I might call it News+. But I’m just me.

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